M2Desk – a new initiative

M2Desk is a new initiative. Founded by enthusiastic people with years of experience in education and IT. M2Desk thinks along with you, enters into a conversation with you in order to come to the best solution for your IT-education. A solution which places you, as a teacher, at the centre. M2Desk continually seeks dialogue with people from the educational field.

M2Desk – the multimedia solution for your school

The M2Desk multimedia table contains a computer integrated within a table. The screen is built within the tabletop. At the rear end there is a button. When this button is pushed, the screen pops up from the table, and can be positioned in any position desirable. Thus changes the student table into a multimedia unit, its computer directly connected to your internet and server. The multimedia table is 100% wireless and cordless, and meets all ARBO (Health and Safety) regulations, as well as educational requirements.

The M2Desk - and your office, hotels, ships and caravans

The M2Desk-Flex unit offers a solution to every workstation that needs to be able to transform in an instant into an ergonomic computer workstation. The M2Desk-Flex always fits into any table top because the top plate and the veneer can be precisely adapted to the surroundings. Our unit can be integrated in your hotel into the existing furniture and save you expensive floor space. Using your current network cabling, computer data as well as power is supplied to the computer, and you will be able to manage every aspect of the computer network.

In the shipping industry, where space is often at a premium, the M2Desk can be integrated into the furniture invisibly. But also in motor homes and caravans our permanently installed system, which is not susceptible to theft due to its unique properties, is the solution to your problems.

Implementation of M2Desk within education

The M2Desk multimedia table offers you the possibility of an IT education growing effortlessly, and without spatial adjustments, to one computer per student. Circumstances you only dreamed of are now within reach. With proper use of time and budget, in relation to implementation and guidance, your IT dream can become reality. M2Desk not only offers the solution with its multimedia table, but foremost with its tools and grips; professional guidance to make M2Desk an educational success.

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