Goal & Vision

Research shows a positive effect of IT applications on learning performances of a child. You, as a teacher, are a vital link in IT education. A teacher who is able to use IT in a proper way enhances the quality of education. Positive effects occur only then when teachers are adequately equipped.

M2Desk offers not only a carefree infrastructure, but also tools and grips to ensure the success of M2Desk. With only one goal: to establish an IT education in which all possible obstacles and barriers are removed. Teachers and students will have much more fun working with their computer. Adaptive education, independent learning, and cross-group working are within reach with M2Desk. The computer will be fully and seamless integrated into IT education. Not only now, but also in the future.

Over 15% better performance through proper ergonomics

A proper active posture not only ensures a healthier body, but also provides demonstrably better concentration and performance.

In accordance with the Dutch Workplace Health and Safety legislation (Arbo), a work place only needs to meet certain guidelines if it is used for longer, continuous periods of time. However, it is important to note that even when working for shorter periods, you should always maintain a proper posture. Besides the benefits to your physical health, the appropriate posture helps maintain higher concentration and an active attitude, which will result in better results. Several studies show that a proper posture while working will increase performance of pupils, students and staff with over 15%.

SMEs and transportation

The M2Desk-Flex can be easily built into any surface. You can integrate this unit into the desk of a teacher, which in combination with the digiboard will give you a powerful educational tool. Besides its uses in education, the M2Desk-Flex is also perfectly usable in SMEs. As an example could serve the hotel lobby, a flex workspace, the Internet cafe in a hotel or a reading table. But also in shipping, where space is often limited, the M2Desk can turn any surface into a multifunctional space. Even in a motor home or caravan the M2Desk offers great value, and because it is built in, it is not as susceptible to theft as a normal PC.

M2Desk products offer the possibility of working on 12V, and they can also be connected through PoE, which immensely facilitates infrastructure. Any place that is limited in space and where being multifunctional is desired, is a place where the M2Desk can provide the solution.

Taking tests digitally

A few years ago, the digitalization of  tests and examinations has started. As digital testing is a time consuming affair, and both paper and digital tests are usually taken in rapid succession in the same examination room, such a room must be able to change within a few minutes’ time from a paper test to a place where tests can be taken digitally. Partially because digital tests often take longer, the test locations must conform to health guidelines. M2Desk offers the ultimate solution.

M2Desk and digital testing:

  1. Both paper & digital tests can be taken at an M2Desk unit

  2. Switching between digital and paper testing only takes a moment

  3. M2Desk works 100% silent

  4. M2Desk generates no heat

  5. M2Desk offers a full-fledged computer

  6. M2Desk has a globally unique semi-permanent wiring system

  7. The M2Desk Tumble Table is ultra-mobile

  8. It only takes one person one day to build 300 test locations with the M2Desk Tumble-Table

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