My experiences with M2Desk

‘You will receive seven M2Desks to try them out in the classroom for several weeks. What do you think?’ I received this question a couple of months ago. Different reactions shot through me. ‘I am not very skilful with computers!’, ‘Exciting!’, but above all ‘challenging!’. I am a student at the PABO (teacher training), at the Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen. I am doing my traineeship at the Holtkampschool in group 6b. I think it is a very fun challenge to work with M2Desk. Off course it will take some proper preparation.

The guidance of Richard de Jong (Edumaat) and Dennis Luiten (M2Desk) has been very good. We received an explanation about M2Desk and its possibilities. And let me tell you: they are vast! There are so many educational, challenging, and fun things you can do with M2Desk. For instance, we learned how to create a yurls page. This is a page on which you can put learning materials which then can be used in a lesson, and it offers the opportunity for the children to find additional information about the lessons you give, or to further practice certain skills. I think this is great! And then the moment was there... The first day of teaching with M2Desk. Tensions and nervousness raced through my body! Fortunately, Richard and Dennis were there for the entire day to coach us. I knew the day might follow a different path from the one I expected it to do, that is normal for such a day. Anyway, the children were very excited. They got an explanation about the M2Desk. They learned how to use the material in a safe way, and the sort of thing you could do with it. Of course we also tried them, and that was fun. At first we had to find our way, not all things went smooth and easy. But as the children worked more with it, it became easier. Their responses were therefore ‘awesome!’, ‘I want one at home!’, and ‘when do we all get one?’. It was good to see how the children started working with it. They think it is swell that we will use the M2Desk for the next couple of weeks. In the days and weeks following we saw a lot of change, and progress. The skills the children need for working with a M2Desk increased quickly, the lessons were easier to start, and all the material was saved in the appropriate folders. Of course there were moments in which it was hard, but it is still all very new and we have to get used to it.

I think working with the M2Desk is enriching for education. Children love working with a computer, and they would love to work with M2Desk every moment of the day. However, it is important that teachers working with M2Desk get a proper training. It has vast possibilities, but teachers will need to learn how to work with it, and how to implement it in their education. It is so innovative. New and fun things are added every time that can be used with M2Desk. It is a good thing to be aware of this. We have been working with M2Desk for a couple of weeks now, and I like it. When I think back of those things that shot through me at first, I must say that I have become much more skilled in working with computers. You learn quickly by just working with it, M2Desk should be put in practice wherever possible. It has certainly been exciting, and it was a challenge; but I learned a lot and I am already looking forward to the moment that all children will have their own M2Desk!


Heidi de Jonge, Trainee teacher group 6 (ages 9 to 10) Holtkampschool

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