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M2Desk, an innovation with added value for education!

At the start of this schoolyear we, at Holtkampschool, got a sneak peak at the M2Desk. Not only the teachers tried the functions of the table, but students too took their turn behind the M2Desk. The children took the pen and playfully discovered the functions of M2Desk. After careful deliberation it was decided to place the M2Desks in group 6b (ages 9 to 10). The students and teachers were very enthousiastic. Seven tables were placed in the classroom for a pilot. To ensure that all children could have their turn at the M2Desk, we worked with a rotating system. This means that, using the group planning, it is determined which children need additional information or practice with the curriculum. These are, within each field, different children, so everyone gets their turn.

It is important to not to use the tables next to your regular education, but instead of it. This means, for us as teachers, that we should have our programme of study very clear, but also that we should have enough know-how to understand the possibilities of M2Desk. With the enthousiastic guidance of Richard (Edumaat) we quickly learned how to convert the curriculum that is presented in the methods to digital learning material. This does not mean that the books of the method are only scanned and then projected on the Activboard. Our group has its own Yurls-page, on which the exercises of the students are displayed with links. Because of the support we received, we learned what sources and websites were easy to use. If you can search the internet quickly, you (as a teacher) don’t have to create anything by yourself. The most important thing is collecting the information and then to reproduce it in a structured way. The task of a teacher changes, from someone who instructs, into someone that guides the children.

During the pilot we experienced that it is difficult to instruct students working with M2Desk properly. It is important that the children are computer-literate. They learn how to save and open documents. It is also important that they know how to search the internet. In the first weeks we were always busy with teaching the children how to use the M2Desk. Later on this improved. Via the Activboard, the children follow the necessary steps they need to make to be able to start working. In education, the interaction between students and teachers is very important. Because you can see what the children are doing at that exact moment, you can manoeuvre with this interaction. We can get children to work together, or they can take a look on another screen. The teacher provides feedback, but the children also give each other tips, and learn from each other. We see a bright future for MDesk. It offers endless opportunities, and children will receive custom made education.

Mireille Rentmeester, Teacher group 6 (ages 9 to 10) Holtkampschool

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