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World premiere at "Vrije Universiteit" of Amsterdam

On the 17th of  January 2013, the first 180 M2Desk-Flex units of total of 400 units are installed at "Vrije Universiteit" of Amsterdam. All together these M2Desk-Flex units are world's largest digital exam center. Even more unique is perhaps that the M2Desk-Flex units are powered by the 'Semi permanent Cabling' system (M2Desk-SPC is a retractable network). This high quality network provides the M2Desk-Flex units with power as well as network at the same time. The computers will be eventually installed under Windows 7 and have an average power consumption of 11 watts, which is equivalent to a total consumption (as all 385 units are in use) of 4,235 watts. Just over two vacuum cleaners. The units are equipped with the latest hardware, are completely silent (0dB) and produce negligible little heat. Read more about the M2Desk-SpC Concept

M2Desk installs 300 M2Desk-Flex units at University of Groningen (RUG) 

National university of Groningen purchased 300 M2Desk Flex units to make the first step to ‘digital examination’. The examination room will be used to let students made their digital exams up to 300 students at one time.The desire was to create one single room where paper and digital exams can be taken. Another requirement was that this room has to be multifunctional, besides the digital examinations, it has to be setup for lectures, computer classes and also for evening school. The university has done several studies without an appropriate solution. When M2Desk was presented it was obvious that it meets all requirements. After all departments have agreed, on 28th July the Executive Board of the university placed an order for 300 units through Bossers & Cnosser, a dealer of M2Desk. M2Desk Flex Model RUG.pdf

The first pilot project with students

This was an open book assignment for the IC Applications class(Accounting) at the Faculty of Economics and Business. This was the first instance of use of the test PCs in Room 3 of the Aletta Jacobshal. About 60 students had to elaborate on a case study in the form of essay.

InterActiv Experience Center

On the 22nd of September ActivBoard opened its new premises. The new building houses among others the InterActiv Experience Center. The latest gadgets can be discovered here. From teachers to medical specialists, from driving school manager to foreman. The use of new media makes everyone's job much easier. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then come on down to the InterActiv Experience Center. Here you will find a M2Desk classroom with the latest ActivEngage software and the ActivBoard.

Educational results above average because of use M2Desk

In the past three months, as a result of the cooperation between Edumaat (the M2Desk education partner), Eduliga, and M2Desk, the Holtkamp School used Ello2. Entire classes worked with the M2Desk on a daily basis, with as a result a significant increase in the educational results The spelling of group 6 (aged between nine and ten years old) unanimously rose to above average levels.

M2Desk writes history on the 15th of June during the semi-finals of the Baby Tycoon Award

M2Desk wrote history on the 15th of June when it wins both the audience and jury prize. Never before in over ten years of the Baby Tycoon Award has it happened that a company is chosen by a large majority of the audience and an unanimous jury as the winner.

M2Desk in the news in PZC

September 7, PZC (the provincial newspaper of Zeeland) came by for an interview. Two editions of PZC, Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9th of September, published an elaborate article on M2Desk. M2Desk in het nieuws bij PZC.pdf (note that this texts is in Dutch)

M2Desk on broadcasting network Maximaal

On September 6, the students of both group 6 classes (age 9 to 10) of the Holtkampschool went back to school. On this first day back in school, they are surprised to be able to work with M2Desk. Broadcasting network Maximaal came to take a look during the introduction. Watch the movie (note that this movie is in Dutch)

First 43 M2Desk’s delivered on August 30th

August 30th was the day. The truck came to deliver the first 43 M2Desk’s for the Holtkampschool. It took only two days for the M2Desk tabletops to be installed upon the existing table bases, the wireless network to be set up and configured, and the M2Desk software to be installed.

M2Desk, bronze partner of EduBIT

EduBIT is a new independent community for technical, practical and pedagogic questions of the school’s IT-coordinator

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SCC Business Systems

As of June 16, 2010, we bid SCC Business Systems a warm welcome as new M2Desk dealer. SCC Business Systems was founded in 1992, and provides an exceptionally wide range of hardware, software, and services.

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M2Desk in ‘Vives goes to school’

This month, Vives placed an article about M2Desk. Vives gaat naar school.pdf (note that this text is in Dutch)

May 25, 2010

M2Desk wins a spot within the MKB Innovatie Top 100

The jury regarded originality, impact, sales potential, and the degree of protection of the innovation. Reason enough for M2Desk to win a prize.

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April 8, 2010

M2Desk on the cover of Dyade Magazine

Number 4 of Dyade Magazine shows M2Desk on the cover. An extensive article expounds upon the M2Desk pilot, with as headline M2DeskGoes4U2?

Dyade artikel M2Desk.pdf (note that this text is in Dutch)

March 24, 2010

M2Desk & Het Leren van de Toekomst

On March 24, a number of M2Desks are installed at the Schakel for the project ‘Het Leren van de Toekomst’ (Learning from/in the Future). During this project, M2Desk will act as a special on which students will be able to perform specific tasks, which they will have prepared within the classroom.

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March 22, 2010

M2Desk on Youtube

On March 22, the movie about M2Desk that was made by Kennisnet is posted on the web. The movie contains images of the pilot at Holtkampschool, Goes (the Netherlands).

Watch this movie (note that this movie is in Dutch)

Important news 4.4% energy

M2Desk uses only 4.4% energy of the power of a regular computer with a TFT screen. A classroom with 22 M2Desk’s uses as much power as a single PC.

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March 12, 2010

M2Desk nominated for the MKB Innovatie top 100

The MKB Innovatie Top 100 is intended to be an incentive to innovate; this list is a showcase of companies with an urge to innovate. The MKB Innovatie Top 100 has become a household name, it is not only an honorary list of SME companies that innovate, but also a spectacular event for and with entrepreneurs, taking place May 2010.

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March 10, 2010

Minister Pechtold visits M2Desk

“Dear Mister Pechtold, can I please draw your attention to M2Desk? A Dutch design, a Dutch product, and manufactured in the Netherlands. M2Desk is a student desk with a fully integrated computer. We understand that your calendar might be crowded, but appreciate it greatly if you can spare a minute to take a look at M2Desk, our pride.”

Mister Pechtold took more than a minute; he carefully studied M2Desk and inquired about this innovation and its link with the ActivBoard, which enables M2Desks to be controlled within the classroom using M2Desk-TIC.

Here you will find the photos of the visit by Mister Pechtold. View the photos.

March 10, 2010

Every student with a his own multimedia student desk (IPON Congress)

  1. Location: IPON Jaarbeurs Utrecht Gele Theater

  2. Date: March 10, 2010

  3. Time: 16:00-16:45

In recent years, the so-called student-computer ratio remained stable at 1:6. This means that at a school, for every 6 students there is 1 computer available. The problem of increasing the number of computers has been, up to this date, the lack of space in a classroom. M2Desk is the solution that will bring the student-computer ratio to 1:1. M2Desk is a multimedia student desk with a computer integrated in the table top. With this solution every student will have, at every moment, access to a personal computer integrated in the own table top.

March 10 & 11, 2010

Visit us at IPON stand no. 5 A014a

M2Desk will be at IPON 2010. We are happy to introduce to you our innovative, unique product, tell you all about how M2Desk came about, and what will happen when you decide to purchase a M2Desk. During the fair you can experience for yourself how we have construed the ergonomics of M2Desk within its design.

March 4, 2010

M2Desk nominated for the IPON Award 2010

On March 4 it has been announced who has been nominated for the IPON Award 2010. Together with two other companies, M2Desk can win the IPON Award. On Wednesday March 10 the results will be announced.

When the results were announced on March 10, M2Desk was unfortunately not the winner.

October 28, 2009

M2Desk is introduced during the teachmeet in Amsterdam

This week M2Desk and Edumaat introduced an innovation with education: a multimedia student desk with an integrated computer. The screen (with touchscreen) is integrated within the tabletop, but can be opened and is infinitely adjustable in angle, height and distance. M2Desk has developed the student desk, and Edumaat provides (as official partner of M2Desk) the educational content for this program. Read some of the comments

Learning from/in the Future

M2Desk takes part in the program ‘Leren van de Toekomst’ by Kennisnet

Three weeks of working with the newest technologies. With the project “Leren van de Toekomst” (Learning from/in the Future) Stichting Kennisnet wants to show, starting with its Surfnet/Kennisnet innovative program, that every school can renew with IT. Renewal within the classroom does not mean replacing technology only; it is also on an educational level the future. See more

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