M2Desk integrates the computer into any table surface and delivers it to pupils and students in ergonomically responsible way. Due to the naturalness and confidence with which we put computers in the hands of their users, the use of ICT in education becomes the of books in terms of casualness. This lifts the integration of education and ICT to new levels and delivers quantifiably better results. The M2Desk does all of this without making concessions, without making noise and with a consumption of just 11 watts.


  1. Fits any table base

  2. Can be fitted on existing and new frames

  3. wireless and cordless

  4. Ergonomic

  5. Available on a retractable undercarriage (M2Desk Tumble-Table)

A M2Desk classroom – a revolutionary IT solution

At first no one would notice a difference in a classroom equipped with M2Desk tabletops. The children work as always, they glue, mould, calculate, draw, eat and drink. And then with only the push of two buttons, installed at the rear end of the table, the student table changes in a 100% wireless, 100% cordless, and 100% stable multimedia unit. The screen appears. The student positions the screen at a comfortable distance, height, and at a proper angle, while the table surface remains, due to a second emerging top, fully available. Within a minute, every child in the classroom will have their own computer at its disposal, and in a position that will suit the task at hand. Within the same minute, the teacher will have an overview of the classroom, and is ready to work in a 100% software stable environment. Integration of the computer in the classroom will become child’s play.

M2Desk is ergonomically sound. Reading from a screen requires a very different posture compared to writing a document, taking a test or reading a text. The screens can even be adjusted into an exam/test-mode which makes it difficult to crib.

M2Desk stands for durability. M2Desk restricts the use of components to only those that guarantee ultra-low energy consumption. Thus protecting the environment, and in addition with a positive effect on battery life, which makes the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a M2Desk similar to that of computers, laptops and netbooks.

Why the AppStore

M2Desk opens new doors. With M2Desk IT education can grow to a unique situation with one computer per student. Thus creating a situation in which you, as a teacher, have much more didactic and organizational options.

Shopping in the AppStore

In our Appstore, programs are grouped by type of education, application, and discipline. With only a push of a button, after which the software installs automatically, you can get started. Please visit for additional information our AppStore, where you can find everything about our available applications, prices, methods of procurement and further details.

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