University of Groningen : Written and Digital testing taken in one room.

Hans Brouwers (projectmanager ICT by the University of Groningen)

In March 2011, project “Idem Dito” started at the University of Groningen. This project aims to investigate and establish the new way of examination. Where preciously only written exams were taken, the future will increasingly include the use of digital exams to be taken. In a few years this will be mandatory by the Dutch government. The University of Groningen were looking for the best solution and has found it  with the product of the Dutch company M2Desk. M2Desk has designed a full functional computer (FAT Client) which is built into a tabletop and can be used or hidden away is seconds. With the M2Desk in the examination room they can both be used for written- and for digital taken exams. Hidden away it is a normal tabletop with only the outlines of the M2Desk computer visible, folded out it is a complete and 100% ergonomically sound workstation computer, along with usable space for forms and so. The M2Desk computer is also a very "green" product. A M2Desk computer has a power consumption, including the HR LED screen, of only 11 watts! We have equipped 1 exam hall with 300 M2Desk computers. Even when the 300 M2Desk computers are in operation, the exam hall was completely silent and there is no cooling of the exam hall required. In addition, we use the M2Desk computers in a unique way. Each M2Desk computer gets a fixed and checked IP address. Even when a table is changed, the table keeps the same IP address. The distribution of the operating system is done entirely automatic, as well as usage in kiosk mode offering the exam functionality. This additional functionality and project management is covered by the new  University ICT environment. This method of digital and writing of exams is new and unique, and made possible thanks to the special qualities of the  M2Desk workplace computer.

More information regarding this project can be found here (note that these texts are in dutch)

Stichting Prisma

Mr. J. Witkam (Personal Adviser Competency Profile)

The working method of M2Desk offers more flexibility to students in planning their own work – they are no longer dependent on the availability of a computer. We want children to more and more orchestrate their own learning processes, M2Desk is a great means to this end. M2Desk will be a welcome enrichment when it comes to the possibilities of independent working students.

Teachmeet October, 28

M2Desk is introduced at the teachmeet in Amsterdam

M2Desk has been received enthousiastically by all participants and others who followed teachmeet via the internet. Read some of the comments.

Field experience Holtkampschool

March 1, the Holtkampschool field experience has started

At the start of this schoolyear we, at Holtkampschool, got a sneak peak at the M2Desk. Not only did the teachers try the functions of the table, but students also took their turn behind the M2Desk.

Read all about the field experience.

Request the evaluation report of the field experience via e-mail




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